Teambuilding of GONVVAMA Loudi Plant in Shiniuzhai Geo-Park


The sun was burning,but it did not burn away the enthusiasm of GONVVAMA Loudi Plant's employees.on July 17th, we gathered together at Shiniuzhai Geo-park for the team building.

Starting at 1pm, we got to the park after around 4 hours' drive. After dinner and a short break,

we attended a campfire party. 7 handsome colleagues ignited the fire, the dance & singing,as well as the joy and laughter. The activity for the 1st  day was ended with a chorus "True Heroes".

After breakfast of the 2nd morning, We came to the Geo-park. Having lived in city for so long, we were so attracted by the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. In addition, we had a thrilling experience in the glass bridge, the narrow gap between two mountains, the sky mirror, the broken bridge, the swing on cliff and etc. 

After Lunch, we had a drifting on a river. It lasts for 2hours. The rapid flow and the height difference makes the difting exciting. Everyone is fully equipped with water gun and water ladle for the water fights, which calls back the happy childhood. 

The teambuilding was ended in the joyful atmosphere.