2000 Days, a Milestone and Pressure


Jan. 16th, 2022, 

a normal day for GONVVAMA Loudi Plant,

was turned into a special day by a special figure 

2000 Days without Loss Time Injury.

This day reminds us that there's no end for efforts on safety. Accident may happen in the next minute. 

Since July 22nd, 2016, when Laser cutting machine, the first equipment, were moved into Loudi plant, GONVVAMA Loudi team always put safety as priority while ensuring output and quality. All employees were involved in safety training, supervision, and continuous improvement. In addition, all the laws, standards, and regulations from competent authorities were fully followed. 

2000-day, as an important milestone, also exerts pressure, as it may be reset to zero at any moment.

But we in GONVVAMA are convinced that being affected by the atmosphere of safety priority, and with the participation of all employees, GONVVAMA will become the benchmark for safety production.